FlipIQ stands as a pioneering collaborative community, focused on real estate wholesaling and flipping. Anchored by our cutting-edge platform, FlipXL, we forge partnerships with skilled local operators to create top-tier acquisition teams. Our model is further strengthened by a dedicated, employee-owned construction company, strategically mitigating risks in flipping. This synergy not only streamlines processes but also ensures extensive support, including unparalleled 100% financing. Emphasizing efficiency, risk reduction, and profitability, our approach is backed by a seasoned advisory board, which includes our operators, and a comprehensive network of dedicated service providers, all aligned toward a shared vision of collective success.

Together, We Flip Smarter!


Success in wholesaling and flipping hinges on operators accumulating years of expertise, fostering proven relationships, building support teams, and implementing efficient management. The absence of specialized systems adds to these challenges. The wholesaling market is fragmented and needs more transparency while flipping demands hands-on oversight, substantial capital, and a skilled construction team. These challenges significantly impede scalability limiting smaller operators to focus on profitability over scalability.


FlipIQ has established an ecosystem to support local operators, providing key resources for building and managing effective acquisition teams. The model focuses on wholesaling and profitable "Quick Flips," backed by an employee-owned construction management team and extensive resources like high-leverage financing and a dedicated advisory board. This integrated approach aims to enhance scalability, reduce flipping risks, and improve financial outcomes for the community, aligning growth with profitability.

The Operational Anchor
  • FlipIQ: adopts a unique profit-split model, diverging from the usual fixed-cost franchise models. It operates without direct employees, and most payments are made at the close of escrow, promoting lean and efficient operations. As a central facilitator and support structure of the ecosystem, FlipIQ effectively bridges the advisory board and service providers, ensuring streamlined operations. This strategic position allows operator partners to concentrate on property acquisitions. Mindfully managing its expansion, FlipIQ initially focuses on building wholesale-centric acquisition teams for each operator, aiming to demonstrate the ecosystem's and FlipXL's effectiveness. Subsequent phases will see the integration of construction services, and FlipIQ support team for increased demand all guided and overseen by the advisory board, further solidifying the model's robustness and adaptability.

The Wisdom Collective
  • Advisory Board: Formed by the operator's service providers and market experts committed to providing guidance feedback and improvement mechanisms to all services, this board maintains governance and safeguards against individual community exploitation, leveraging collective wisdom for balanced decision-making.

  • FlipXL: part of the FlipIQ is a central platform, streamlining workflows and information sharing from property identification to sale. It enhances decision-making with robust data analytics, improving the efficiency of training new Acquisition Agents through the Coaching Company. Service providers can easily upload data, fostering a proactive and efficient ecosystem, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. UI/UX and scalability updates, training resources, such as a library of written or video guides will updated and phased out based on coaching and user feedback using our current teach team.

  • FairClose: A community-driven marketplace connecting operators with agents for exclusive access and a first look at off-market deals, FairClose also offers a robust wholesaling platform that easily connects the best buyers at a flat fee of $1000 per disposition.

  • Retail Buyers: Using Synebuild's streamlined and uniform process, there are alternative ways to offer pre-sale properties at significant discounts directly to owner-occupants, allowing operators to wholesale these properties to the end users.

The Support Network
  • Coaching Company: Specializing in recruiting, onboarding, and training full-time top-tier Acquisition Agents (AAs), incorporating FlipXL for enhanced skill development and efficient daily operations management.

  • Lending partners: FlipIQ's strategic partnership with Kiavi provides advantageous financing options, offering up to 100% purchase and 100% rehabilitation and up to 75% loan to after-repair value.

  • Synergies Between Services: FlipXL is a unified platform where operators can access all services, and connects information and workflow-providing operators, creating a smooth synergistic workflow that allows the data and analytics capability of FlipXL to enhance the effectiveness of the Coaching from training new AAs to the service providers different access point allowing to easily upload data to create proactive decisions making from initial property identification, construction updates to the sale of the property increased efficiency, cost savings, or improved decision-making

Who Should Partner With FlipIQ

FlipIQ is best suited for seasoned local operators aiming to elevate their business by focusing on wholesaling and flipping only the most suitable properties. Ideal partners include typical HomeVestor operators who want to reduce the costs of acquiring seller-direct leads and enhance ROI by leveraging agent relationships. Additionally, it's a good fit for brokers who own real estate offices and have expertise in leading teams and managing market operations.

Resources and Services


Streamlines wholesaling and flipping processes, which are crucial for efficiency, onboarding, and coaching. For skill development and operational management


A marketplace connecting investors with agent partners provides a”first-look” option on off-market deals and serves as a platform for wholesaling properties

Coaching Company

Specializes in recruiting and training top-tier Acquisition Associates (AAs)

SynerBuild Solutions

A dedicated, employee-owned construction management company, that ensures streamlined construction exclusively for the network operators

Advisory Board

Composed of operators, service providers. and industry experts. This team oversees resources and services, focusing on community protection and balanced decision-making

Support Services

Independent, proven Acquisition Managers provide quick and accurate buy price and cost estimates, alleviating the need for operators to have extensive market expertise. Additionally, our Field Services offer efficient inspections and detailed municipality research, all seamlessly integrated with the uniform FlipXL system for streamlined reporting and communication.

Mission Statement

FlipIQ is committed to a community-centric approach in real estate wholesaling and flipping, focusing on elevating efficiency and profitability while minimizing risks. Our robust network, featuring elite operators and skilled service providers, employs standardized systems for unified progress and success. Guided by our advisory board, we strive for collective advancement and excellence in our field.


Our strategic lending partnership offers 100% purchase and 100% rehabilitation financing, significantly reducing capital requirements and enhancing investment opportunities.

Serving the community

We aim to utilize our expertise in acquisition and rehabilitation to assist our members in purchasing their first homes, and best of all, in gaining instant equity, advancing in property investments, or engaging in lucrative deals. Our platform is designed to empower every member who dedicates their time and effort to supporting our operators. This approach not only strengthens our resources and goals but also fosters long-lasting relationships within our network. We are committed to creating a community where every member feels valued and supported, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual care

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