A Community of Servant Leaders

We are a community of servant leaders dedicated to rolling up our sleeves. Our community thrives on alignment and empowerment, driven by a collective mastermind that focuses on delivering bottom-line results.

About Us

Empowerment and Collaboration

FlipIQ leadership's primary role is to empower and facilitate seamless collaboration among operators, coaches, service providers, and construction teams. Each member specializes in their area, contributing to and earning from the group's collective success. This structure ensures that no single person or company controls or disproportionately benefits from our community. Instead, earnings are distributed fairly, reflecting the value each member brings to the table.

Efficiency and Opportunity

Efficiency is at the heart of FlipIQ. Guided by an advisory board composed of operators and service providers, our community operates without the constraints of traditional corporate hierarchies. This efficient structure opens doors for everyone involved, not just to become homeowners but also to invest in proven real estate opportunities. We believe in compensating our community members for their contributions and providing them with tools to build equity and invest smartly in real estate.

Inclusive Decision-Making

Our advisory board is a tapestry of seasoned professionals with diverse experiences. We leverage this specialized expertise to propose changes and new implementations. Decisions are made collectively, ensuring that the direction we take is always well-considered and beneficial for all, including service providers at the individual level. In our community, every voice matters, and every member has a say, while we stay true to the original mission and vision of FlipIQ.

Mission Statement

FlipIQ is committed to a community-centric approach in real estate wholesaling and flipping, focusing on elevating efficiency and profitability while minimizing risks. Our robust network, featuring elite operators and skilled service providers, employs standardized systems for unified progress and success. Guided by our advisory board, we strive for collective advancement and excellence in our field.


Our strategic lending partnership offers 100% purchase and 100% rehabilitation financing, significantly reducing capital requirements and enhancing investment opportunities.

Join Our Community

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