Acquisition Guidelines

Our goal is to provide sellers with options based on their situation and offer agents ways to monetize outside of a standard listing. Here are the options we provide through our marketplace that you will use to secure properties for the program:

Competing Offers by Local Investors
  • Marketplace with over 500 vetted investors.

  • Agent Compensation: Paid by buyer up to 2.5% of purchase price without a standard listing agreement.

Home Renovation
  • Nonprofit renovates property if seller has enough equity, higher net return for sellers.

  • Agent Compensation: Relist at 2.5% if seller agrees, providing a fully rehabbed property for listing.

Cash Offers and Quick Closings
  • Sellers get as-is offers, choose closing dates, and make no repairs + up to 20K upfront.

  • Agent Compensation: Commission agreements, 25% profit from flip nets, 1% for relisting.
    *Agents can give 25% to sellers to secure transactions.

Foreclosure Assistance
  • Nonprofit buys property, resells to homeowner after 12-18 months if they qualify.

  • Agent Compensation: 2.5% listing to resell property if the seller does not qualify to repurchase.

Flexible Listing Services
  • Options from a $95 listing to a 2.5% full-service listing.

  • Agent Compensation: Choose the service level they want to participate in, giving the seller listing options that fits the seller’s needs and get compensated.