Coaching Partners

Our renowned coaching company specializes in recruiting and training Acquisition Associates (AAs) critical for expanding our operator team. The coaching company, leveraging its expertise, will identify and develop motivated individuals capable of meeting acquisition targets. This collaboration will incorporate the FlipXL system into the training, ensuring proficiency. The coaching company will also monitor KPIs and performance metrics daily to maintain high engagement and performance levels.


To cultivate top-tier Acquisition Associates skilled in securing off-market wholesaling and flipping opportunities through strong relationships with agents. Our approach combines streamlined onboarding, expert coaching, and strategic support, driving success for operators and enriching the community


To be the foremost provider of specialized training programs, empowering operators and the community through the expertise of our seasoned coaches. We are committed to nurturing excellence and fostering growth for the operators in the FlipIQ community.

Core Business Activities

Our key focus lies in the specialized training and development of Acquisition Associates, coupled with the integration of advanced technology for enhanced learning. We emphasize performance monitoring to drive continuous improvement, collaborate closely with the advisory board, and constantly adapt our methods to maintain industry leadership

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

Our collaboration with a coaching company aims to enhance our property acquisition capabilities

Recruiting and Training Full-time Acquisition Associates (AAs) proficient in market dynamics and negotiation strategies.

Integrating FlipXL into training for efficiency in property acquisitions

Performance Monitoring: Implementing daily Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring for high-level performance

The expected outcomes include increased profitable deals, improved efficiency, and a stronger market position.

Daily Monitoring

Strategic Importance for FlipIQ

Essential Collaboration
  • Expand our talent pool: The partnership with a coach who specializes in real estate wholesaling and flipping will give FlipIQ access to a pool of highly trained AAs

  • Operational excellence: by combining traditional methods with cutting-edge technology

  • Positions FlipIQ for long-term success and establishes us as industry leaders

  • Provides valuable feedback for system enhancement

Market Size and Growth Potential

FlipIQ aims to collaborate with 375 operators across 75 active Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) to expand its reach and impact

Target Market

We seek operators with growth-oriented mindsets, fostering a community of excellence and innovation in real estate wholesaling and flipping


Final Thoughts

With all elements in place, stakeholders face a pivotal moment. A new partnership model with the coaching company transforms how challenges in real estate flipping are addressed, enhancing efficiency, reducing stress, and fostering independence. The self-governing advisory board encourages continuous learning.

Join Us

Embrace this new phase of growth and collaboration. Your participation, support, and commitment are vital to realizing this plan's full potential. Together, we can redefine industry standards and create a future where operators not only thrive but set new benchmarks.