The success of the FlipIQ system is fundamentally driven by the expertise and dedication of our operators, who are the driving force of our operational excellence.


FlipIQ partners with seasoned operators, concentrating on wholesaling and expanding top-tier acquisition teams. This partnership selects properties for quick flips, utilizing specialized and dedicated construction and field services to maintain operator focus on acquisitions while still maintaining control over each flip project. Managed through a proven technology platform, our operations prioritize efficiency and scalability, complemented by 100% financing.

Who Should Partner With FlipIQ

FlipIQ is best suited for seasoned local operators aiming to elevate their business by focusing on wholesaling and flipping only the most suitable properties. Ideal partners include typical HomeVestor operators who want to reduce the costs of acquiring seller-direct leads and enhance ROI by leveraging agent relationships. Additionally, it's a good fit for brokers who own real estate offices and have expertise in leading teams and managing market operations.

Become an Operator

Interested in becoming an operator? Please fill out the intake form. Our CEO will personally reach out to discuss the next steps with you.